Monday, July 11, 2011

Photography by JS | Shout Out!

Jessica Stone, the owner/photographer, of Photography by JS, is one of my favorite people in the world. We've been buddies for a few years, and aside from Kristi, she is one of the handful of photographers who really gave me a shove through the door into this business.

Jessica's primarily a boudoir photographer - in fact, I'd never even thought of doing boudoir until I saw some of her work and was totally inspired to start doing boudoir (hint, hint: The Secret Pin-Up). She showed me that womanlyness (that's a word, right?) can be classy, beautiful and that no matter the size, race, shape or age of the woman - we're all pretty smokin' once we're in front of the camera.

Located in Stansbury Park, Utah (which isn't too far from Salt Lake City), Jessica is first and foremost a mom to two of the cutest kids ever, 7-year-old Kaylie and 4-year-old Caleb. She started started studying photography late in 2008 with the Academy of Art University. In late 2010 she started working towards being a professional. My own personal opinion? She's been amazing for a long time - well before her early days at AAU.

Ashley: How did you get started?

Jessica: Some friends started asking me to take portraits for them, it peaked my curiosity so I researched and invested in an education because I am not one to learn technical things freely on my own.

Ashley: What are you shooting with nowadays?

Jessica: For now, and for the past 3 or so years I’ve shot with a Canon Rebel XTI. My lenses include a 24-70 F2.8L , and cheap nifty fifty that I haven’t seen in ages. (I keep my L lens on at all times basically). I’d like to acquire a Canon 7D, hope to see one of them in my future soon.

Ashley: What is your favorite kind of session?

Jessica: Boudoir hands down. Next to boudoir fashion/pin up and trash the dress. I prefer working with adults, so I tend to focus on sessions revolving around adults.

Ashley: Tell me a funny experience.

Jessica: A group of my friends and I were out on the town in Cambridge [England] one night, we were enjoying some shopping and fine dining at a local sushi restaurant. The service ended up being beyond terrible. Took an hour for them to bring drinks, another additional hour to bring us our food, after having to re-order what we’d waited on prior. The table they sat us on, had this really fancy metal reserved sign. By the end of the meal, it just happened to follow us home. The reserved sign has ended up as a prop in many boudoir sessions, symbolizing the women’s status for their loved one they are doing the session for. It has brought laughter each time it’s brought out, and reminds me of people I will never forget, people that have been some of my most wonderful friends.

Ashley: What are your future plans?

Jessica: I’d like to end up as a fashion photographer one day, but I am also very content with the Boudoir work. It has been amazing to see women’s reactions when they receive their images, they see just how beautiful they are regardless of their size, shape, or color. It has been an inspirational journey to help other women feel as beautiful as they should always feel. You don’t have to be “model thin” to have a boudoir session, and when women see that they look better than your stereotype in todays media, it is really uplifting and inspiring to continue forward with that work.

Ashley: I could NOT agree more. It's definitely something that has been fulfilling in my own career dealing with boudoir. I love getting the "Oh my God, is that really me??" response!

What's your favorite quote ever?

Jessica: Like the people you shoot and let them know it. - Robert Capa

Ashley: Tell me about your best photography experiences.

Jessica: Having lived in England for over a year gave me a great opportunity to photograph amazing architecture, and have location shoots unique to the country. It was a time I wish I could have back photographically speaking, because of the sheer numbers of variety in locations and attributes you don’t always get in my area here in the states. However, Utah is full of vast glorious nature and its own uniqueness in its own right, so rest assured I don’t feel as though I’ve “down graded” with re-locating back to the US, to my home state of Utah. I absolutely love it here, and I am gaining more experiences as life progresses here.

Interested in seeing more of Jessica's work or booking a session? Check out her Facebook fan page: Photography by JS.

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