Friday, July 29, 2011

My Photography "Bucket List"

Every once in a while, an idea comes to me for an awesome photo shoot. Sometimes it's a scene in my head, an angle, a pose, a concept or an event. I figured I should probably write down my "bucket list" for photography so that I can keep track of it ... and you never know, you might want to collaborate and help me cross off something from my list! I'll cross them off my list as they're achieved, and will be continually adding to it.

- Home Birth. I aspire to be as awesome as Lynsey Stone!
- Paparazzi Engagement ... Being hired to stealthily catch a proposal.
- A lightning storm. I have a couple already, but I want a kick-butt one.
- Maternity boudoir (this is more geared for The Secret Pin-Up).

- Outdoor boudoir (this is more geared for The Secret Pin-Up). 
- Trash the Dress
- Couples Shoot in the rain
- Children's Shoot in the rain
- Sweet 16 Party
- Children's birthday party

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