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Kaptured by Kristi | Shout Out!

Kristi Hammack
Owner/Photographer ~ Kaptured by Kristi
Photo by Haloes Nicely Photography

Three years ago (wow, has it REALLY been that long??) while stationed overseas at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, I was referred by a friend to have our family photos taken by Kaptured by Kristi. We went to this place called American Village and it was hot as heck, humid as heck ... but it was so much fun. Kristi was our first REAL photographer experience (versus going to a commercial studio), and Kristi was the first person outside of my family to tell me to go for a career in photography.

My family at American Village, Okinawa Japan, July 2008.
Photo by Kaptured by Kristi
Kristi is first and foremost a mom and wife; she's been married to her "best friend and biggest cheerleader" Monty for nearly 12 years, and has three of the coolest kids I've ever met: 10 year old Qyn, 8 year old Shelby and 6 year old Chesnee. They are a proud Air Force family and just good quality people, inside and out.

She's become a dear friend to me and my family, and we all love her to bits. Kristi was there for us for every occasion during our time stationed at Kadena Air Base - from Christmas cards, our son's T-ball photos, family portraits and she even came with me to the airport in July 2009 to help me "kapture" my husband Randy's homecoming from his tour in Afghanistan.

My husband Randy meeting his son Noah ( 2 days shy of being a month old) for the first time at the Naha International Airport after 194 days in Afghanistan.
Photo by Kaptured by Kristi

And that is why Kristi Hammack is my very first SHOUT OUT. It's something I plan to do here on the blog for my favorite photographers, vendors and companies because we all know that word of mouth is the best way to get the word out.

Ashley: Kristi, where are you located?

Kristi: I'm currently in Okinawa, Japan still but in just a couple of weeks will be in Valdosta, Georgia since my husband got stationed at Moody AFB.
"Now THIS is Okinawa."
Photo by Kaptured by Kristi

Ashley: How long have you been a photographer?

Kristi: 6 years.

Ashley: What got you started?

Kristi: My friends and I had been taking the kids to various places for a while and I was always the one taking photos. I had been told over and over again I had the eye for it. Finally with the push of friends, with the faith they had in me, I started Kaptured by Kristi.

Ashley: What kind of camera do you use?

Kristi: I have two. Nikon D80 and Nikon D300.

Ashley: What is your favorite kind of session?

Kristi: Family sessions.

One of Kristi's favorite shots of her daughter, Shelby.
Photo by Kaptured by Kristi
 Ashley: Any funny anecdotes?

Kristi: Men and boys are the hardest to get to smile and let loose in most sessions. I will say anything to get them to do so and usually saying the word "panties" gets them every time! Its fun to see them crack that real smile.

Ashley: What are your future plans?

Kristi: I plan to start Kaptured by Kristi from ground up in Georgia in the next few months, and I strive to continue to become better and offer the memories to my customers that can only be frozen with the click of that camera.

"This young man has autism and kept saying "lets get on with it". He was great for the session, I am told he is the best he has ever been. I learned more from that family in one hour than I can ever explain!" - Kristi
Photo by Kaptured by Kristi
Ashley: Favorite quote ever?

Kristi: Some things can not be created, they must be Kaptured.

Ashley: Tell me about your best photography experience?

Kristi: I had a particularly disgruntled dad at one session. It didnt bother me, because I know most dads aren't excited to get photos taken. So when we get together to see the photos, he was most impressed with how they turned out and was very complementary of my work and style. A few minutes later, after seeing his favorite pose he said, "It's like having Picasso paint your family."

If you're interested in learning more about Kristi or booking a session with her, I encourage you to check her out! She has a Facebook fan page (Kaptured by Kristi Photography), or you can check out her website or just shoot her an email at

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