Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Beautiful "B" Family

I love this family! I got to meet them in January when we got together to do Phoebe's Newborn Shoot, and we've grown to be very good friends ever since. Alex and Amy are two of the funniest people, so sweet and kind, Phoebe is very lucky to have them as her mommy and daddy. I am so jazzed, because they have family in Colorado so I will definitely be seeing them again!

Here are a few of the MANY shots we go, it was hard to narrow it down because this family is so photogenic! Ahh!

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  1. EEEKKKK! Its been a while since I checked out your blog and photos (We have yet to get internet in Germany) but your pictures are even better than I remember. You always took amazing shots, but they just look so much more impressive now. Maybe its because its colorado and not Minot, lol, but still... way to go Ashley :D Now come take a trip to Germany and do some family pics for us ;)

    Lacey http://lagjeg2003.blogspot.com/