Thursday, March 24, 2011

My first jump into birth photography ...

As a photographer, I am always looking for new avenues of photography and accepting the challenge of being able to capture "that" moment ... and as a long time fan of Lynsey Stone (DFW Birth Photographer), I have been eagerly awaiting the birth of my best friend Sarah's first baby girl, Adison.

And last weekend - Little Ting Ting (her forever nickname now...) made her way into the world after a very long, exhausting but oh-so-incredibly-worth-it labor. I took so many pictures those three days (yes, you read that right!) it was hard to narrow it down to just a few to share ... but here are just a few of Sarah's labor and her beautiful fresh-born baby girl.

This is our texts back and forth when Sarah told me she was going to be headed in to have the baby!

Just a couple labor pictures to share. Sarah did her best to NOT be in bed ... I must have burned thousands of calories walking with her, James (her husband), Jutone (our third biffer friend) and Sara (her doula) over the course of Saturday. You can also see on her wonderful nurses, Laura ... one of the best on the floor!
One of the last belly shots we got before Adison's big debut.
There she is, Adison Loraine!!
Adi's first diaper change.
First family picture!! And doesn't Sarah look amazing after being in labor for 42 hours??
A photoshoot with Sarah wouldn't be complete without the quitessential duck face; but, my favorite part is that Adi is trying to do it, too!!

But here is my favorite picture and the best moment of the day ...

Nothing in the world so sweet.

I've already been contacted to do this service again and YES, I most definitely will be doing it again. Still working out the details, keep an eye out for that announcement in the next few days!

Welcome to the world, little Ting Ting!

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