Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My first ever charity photoshoot!

On February 27th, I hosted a charity photoshoot (remember, I blogged about the Love Shouldn't Hurt photoshoot a few weeks ago?). This was done in the memory of Conrad Ayala, with all the funds raised from the shoot going to the Domestic Violence Crisis Center of Minot.

Here are the pictures from the shoot - aren't these children just absolutely precious???!!!

A huge thank you goes out to the following people who helped raise $265 to donate!!!

The Pounds family, the Barnett family, the Hymes family, the Torres family, the Rhoads family, the Castro family, the Richie family, the Garza family, the Davila family, the Moeller family, the Groves family, the Roe family and the Stevens family.

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  1. These could not have possibly come out any cuter!! Great job raising awareness of a great organization, and donating in honor of such a precious baby's life.