Monday, October 18, 2010

What a Little Cutie - Contest!

Since the last contest was a bust (dang it!), I am going to offer a different contest in its place ... since I am totally jonesing to get a new puppy, I thought maybe doing a pet related contest would be fun ... so that's what we're doing!

The picture must be a picture of your pet and can be any animal - dog, cat, guinea pig, bird, fish, snake, etc. Doesn't have to be a recent picture! More than one pet can be in each picture, but only one picture can be submitted.

So what will you and your furry (scaly, fluffy, bald?) friend win? A Christmas Card Mini Session!

How do you win? Email me a picture at by this Wednesday, October 20th at 9pm. Please include the name of your pet(s) in the email!

I will then upload the pictures to the blog and people will comment on the pet they like best! And the best part: anyone from North Dakota who votes will be counted twice!

Question: Why isn't the contest on Facebook? Well, Facebook has some strict rules about contests being on fan pages, which is why the contests have moved over to the blog. I don't want my fan page to be deleted. :) Plus, it gives my fans who don't have a Facebook the chance to enter and participate!

Contest will begin October 20th at 9pm and will run until Sunday October 24th at 9pm.

Ok, so ... here's the fine print!

Grand prize winner will receive a free Christmas Card mini session without print credit (must be used by December 1st). All runners up will receive a complimentary 5x7 print with their next paid session (must be used by December 20th). 

Please, no professional pictures.

Grand prize is not transferable. Christmas card mini session may include members of your immediate family only, including pets, and can be done at the location of your choice within a 15 mile drive of Minot AFB. If you want to do a studio session, you must have base access. Your pet is most certainly encouraged to be in the Christmas Card picture, but, it is not a requirement.

Must receive at least 5 entries or the contest will be canceled. 

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  1. Good luck to all who enter.
    i Submitted my entry today.